On our trips we provide all the equipment you need to have a successful day of fishing.  Captains John and Bryan will always be ready to discuss the best options for each trip. Everyday is freelance out on the Atlantic Ocean or Caribbean Sea. That means there is never a set itinerary. We may mix it up by trolling, drifting or anchoring depending on what kind of fish we are targeting.  The daily  conditions or seasonal migrations dictate what  species we will be after. We may fish all depths, from the surface,  to the bottom. Inshore or offshore. We bring light to heavy tackle (12-80lb) with a variety of baits and artificials to make sure we are as ready as possible for whatever swims our way. We take live bait upon our ability to catch it on any given day. 


   (Morning or Afternoon) Focusing on inshore or south drop offshore fishing.  Targeting a large variety of species including kingfish, barracuda, blackfin tuna,  bonito, mackerel, tarpon, sharks, sailfish, mahi-mahi,  jacks, snappers, groupers and other bottom fish.  On the south drop we can also add wahoo, yellowfin tuna,  white and blue marlin to the list. This is a great way to introduce kids and adults to the world of offshore fishing . The closest area on the drop off is only about 7 miles out!  Inshore trips we can generaly find calmer  conditions  for those who maybe a little less adventuresome.

3/4 DAY

  (Morning or afternoon)  Allows  an extended range of areas to fish including "The North Drop". It gives you more time to fish the regions  and species described above or a great way to combine snorkeling with a  half day fishing trip.  The North Drop is an area where the islands shelf drops off into the Puerto Rican Trench, the seccond deepest spot in the world.  Although its known world wide for its summer and fall blue marlin fishery, the North Drop can have an excellent year round offshore fishery.  Wahoo, Mahi-Mahi, Kingfish, Barracuda, Sailfish, White Marlin, Sharks, False Albacore, Blackfin, Yellowfin and Skipjack Tunas  can make up the rest of the catch.


   Usually offshore fishing. A full day trip allows us the time and range to fish most of our waters on a given day. It allows us to be out there for the best bite time which can fluctuate day by day.  A marlin trip extends a full day for a couple extra hours which can sometimes make the difference in catching a blue marlin or not.  Our main marlin season usually begins in May and lasts through October. We do offer the extended trips year round when targeting all other species as well.