No visit to The Virgin Islands is complete without doing some sort of boating excursion. The islands consist of a 40 mile long 100 plus island chain that is bordered by The Atlantic Ocean to the north, The Caribbean Sea to the south and Puerto Rico 40 miles west.  There are excellent fishing areas surrounding  the island chain along with flourishing coral reefs to snorkel.  Around every corner of every island there is something amazing to see or do.  There are pristine world class beaches, undeveloped islands and national parks with rainforest covered mountains to explore. There are beach bars, resturaunts and gift shops along the way. There is no way to see or do it all in a single day or even a week!                         Your Captains, Bryan and John have close to 40 years of full time fishing and boating charter experience between the 2 of them. With nearly 25 of them here in the Virgin Islands. Bryan got his start fishing in the Carolinas.  John got his start fishing California and Mexico. They are both U.S. Coast Guard licenced captains. Hookie II is licenced for charter and fully insured.  It is equiped with all the required saftey gear plus a life raft and an EPIRB to add to it.  Weather you want to take a lazy 1/2 day boat ride or a hard core, full day of fishing, we are ready to get you out there .